Tzuting "Angel" Tomlinson, PT

Physical Therapy located in New York City, NY

About Dr. Tzuting "Angel" Tomlinson

Angel (Tzuting) began her career in in Physical Therapy in Taiwan after receiving her bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from Chung-Shan Medical University. Looking to expand her expertise in Physical Therapy, she attended New York University, where she received a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and a Master’s degree in Pathokinesiology.

Angel’s clinical interests are orthopedics and sports medicine where she has excelled in providing evidence-based practice. She continues to stay up-to-date in the latest methods and manual techniques by attending courses, seminars and conferences. She feels “it is extremely fulfilling to rehabilitate someone back to the active life that they wish to have.” She is sensitive and understanding of each patient’s specific needs and concerns and looks to tailor her approach to accommodate those concerns.

Outside of the office, Angel enjoys maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle either running or weight training on a daily basis. She also enjoys cooking and baking healthy, nutritious meals.