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Shoulder dislocations are often caused by a fall or forceful impact while playing sports. When your shoulder dislocates, the ball of the ‘ball and socket’ shoulder joint pops out of place and may need to be realigned by a physician if it does not move back into its position on its own.

A dislocation may cause injury to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons that are attached to the shoulder joint. This may be treated with conservative measures, such as physical therapy, to prevent shoulder stiffness and muscle atrophy while allowing the structures to heal.  A history of shoulder injuries and dislocations will make the shoulder more prone to recurrent dislocations. This may require surgery to repair torn ligaments or labrum so they may better support the joint. Physical Therapy is beneficial in preventing recurrent shoulder dislocation, whether or not surgery is needed.


All Sports physical therapists provide the top physical therapy treatment in NYC for recovering from surgery for shoulder dislocations and preventing recurrent shoulder dislocations. All Sports Physical Therapy provides the most comprehensive treatment with physical therapists trained in sports medicine and rehabilitation techniques, including post-operative physical therapy methods. You can be certain that you will receive the top physical therapy care in any of our advanced facilities in either the Upper East Side, Midtown-Grand Central or Midtown-West NYC locations.

After 2-4 weeks of immobilization following a shoulder dislocation, your  orthopedist may prescribe Physical Therapy if your shoulder continues to cause you pain. An All Sports Physical Therapist will immediately address pain with modalities like ice and ultrasound. Your top physical therapist will manually stretch the tissues around your joint with expert precision to improve joint mobility and range of motion. As you progress in physical therapy, your physical therapist will guide you through progressive strengthening and stabilization exercises to help you eventually return to functional activities pain-free.


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