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The acromioclavicular joint (AC Joint) is where the bone of your clavicle meets the top of your shoulder blade, or acromion bone. Shoulder separations are usually the result of direct trauma, like a fall, that tears the ligaments holding the two bones together, separating the joint. Depending on the severity of the separation, your shoulder will look slightly or severely disfigured. A mild sprain or slight tearing of the ligaments can cause mild to moderate pain, especially with lifting or reaching.  However, if ligaments are completely torn, surgical intervention may be needed.


 At All Sports Physical Therapists, our top NYC physical therapists expertly rehabilitate patients that have undergone a shoulder separation, helping to strengthen the weakened joint. All of our physical therapists have a background in sports medicine that has earned them the spot as best physical therapy facility for sports injuries like shoulder separations. Athletes of all levels turn to All Sports Physical therapy for trusted treatment with the best sports physical therapists in NYC. You can be sure that your physical therapy routine will always be carried out in a friendly, professional, and expertly equipped rehabilitation facility in Upper East Side ,  Midtown Manhattan, or the Midtown/Grand Central area of NYC.

For less severe shoulder separations, non-surgical treatment usually restores normal function to the shoulder girdle. After the injury, your arm may be placed in a sling for comfort until you will start physical therapy. Your All Sports Physical Therapist will use modalities, like ice and ultrasound, to decrease pain and inflammation. Your top physical therapist will also stretch and massage tight muscles around the shoulder and mobilize the shoulder joint to increase range of motion. As you progress in physical therapy, you will be instructed in specific strengthening exercises. Gradually strengthening the surrounding shoulder muscles will give your joint more stability at a healthy pace. By following a steady physical therapy regimen and the instruction of your All Sports physical therapist at home, your shoulder separation can heal within 3 months without any surgery.

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