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Total knee replacement is surgery done to replace severely arthritic or injured knees that cause constant pain and impair everyday function. After the procedure takes place, you will feel knee and leg stiffness, pain, and weakness. Proper rehabilitation after total knee replacement is crucial in recovering normal function. 


A physical therapist will assist you almost immediately after the surgery is completed. In the hospital or home setting, your therapist will teach you how to walk with an assistive device and instruct you in basic exercises that will allow you to perform simple tasks, like getting in and out of bed or a chair, independently.

Several weeks after the surgery, you will start outpatient physical therapy. The physical therapist will show you stretches for the muscles that attach to the knee joint, helping to increase their flexibility during the healing process. You will also learn to strengthening exercises for the hip and leg muscles to help you eventually walk without a device and negotiate stairs more easily. Your therapist will guide you through the entire rehabilitation process so that you will be able to perform your daily activities independently and without pain.


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