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Knee joints contain a soft tissue lining (synovium) that encapsulates the area where the bones connect. It produces fluid that lubricates the joint and allows the bones to glide smoothly against each other and other tissues. During a condition called synovitis, this membrane becomes inflamed, irritating surrounding tissues and nerves and pushing against the bones. Swelling in the joint can affect mobility and cause pain with weight bearing activities.


  • Stiffness and decreased joint mobility
  • Redness, warmth, and swelling of the knee
  • Joint pain


Synovitis is usually a secondary condition, most often caused by arthritis or gout. Less frequently, synovitis develops independently due to overuse injuries or trauma that damages the synovial lining.


All Sports physical therapists are highly trained in orthopedics and sports medicine. Our physical therapists have plenty of experience getting their patients back to their lifestyle after a knee condition like synovitis. Your routine visits will be easy and enjoyable in our upbeat and professional offices in Upper East Side, Midtown West, and Grand Central. We pride ourselves on offering our patients the top physical therapy in a highly equipped rehabilitation facility. Our staff will handle all of your insurance processes for you and remind you of your routine visits so you can heal, hassle free.

Since synovitis is usually caused by a chronic condition, a regular physical therapy routine is often beneficial. In the acute phase, ice is used to decrease swelling in the knee. Your All Sports physical therapist will teach you exercises to restore joint mobility and strengthen the muscles around the knee. As you progress in your physical therapy, more dynamic exercises will be added to your program, such as balancing, step training, and squatting. This will allow you to gradually get back to daily activities with less pain and swelling.


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