Best Recurrent Patella Dislocation PT & Rehab in NYC



Your kneecap, or patella, sits over a groove in your thigh bone, forming the patellofemoral joint. A patella dislocation usually occurs from trauma, most often a sports injury or fall, during which the kneecap is forced out of its place over the knee joint. Ligaments that hold the kneecap in place are stretched or torn, leading to kneecap instability and pain. Although the ligaments may heal over time, they will never regain full tension and strength. This will make the kneecap more susceptible to dislocating again in the future.


  • Intense pain in front of knee
  • Inability to put pressure on knee
  • Swelling
  • Visible deformity
  • Clicking or popping sensation of kneecap with pain


Your All Sports physical therapist will initially use modalities and massage techniques to decreased swelling and tightness around the knee joint. Your therapist will then guide you through exercises to strengthen the quadriceps. These muscles are located at the front of the thigh, helping to keep the knee cap in place. You will also be taught exercises that target your hip joint and pelvis, which will help improve kneecap stability. Rigid and kinesiotaping techniques may be utilized for additional comfort and support.

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