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Kneecaps (patella) sit over a groove in your thigh bone that forms the patellofemoral joint. There are layers of cartilage under your kneecap that help absorb shock, protecting the patellofemoral joint from impact. The cartilage also helps to facilitate gliding of the kneecap over the groove during movement at the knee joint. Chondromalacia of the patella refers to any damage to the cartilage under your knee cap. Activities that require bending or that send shock to the knee, such as squatting or jumping, will trigger pain under your kneecap. Chondromalacia patella has no one definitive cause, but can most often be cured with conservative methods.


  • Dull constant pain at front of knee
  • Pain upon bending knee, especially with weight bearing
  • Grinding or clicking sensation of the kneecap


  • Trauma to the knee
  • Repetitive knee motions done in sports
  • Muscle imbalances and/or tightness that lead to misalignment of the kneecap


All Sports Physical Therapy offers the most comprehensive treatment for all knee injuries, including chondromalacia patella. All of our top rated physical therapists have a strong background in sports medicine and are often trusted to treat athletes on the professional and amateur levels. We are dedicated to providing the best care by making your visits pleasant and quick, handling all of your insurance processes, as well as providing you with the top physical rehabilitation experience in NYC at any of our Upper East Side, Midtown-Grand Central, or Midtown-West NYC locations.

When treating chondromalacia patella, your top physical therapist will use ice to reduce pain and inflammation, especially in the acute phase of your condition. Treatment modalities, such as ultrasound, will promote increased blood flow to the area, allowing the cartilage to heal. Your All Sports physical therapist will advise you to refrain from doing activities that may increase pain, such as running and sports, until your symptoms improve.

During your sessions, your All Sports  physical therapist will guide you through specific exercises that will strengthen the muscles that support your kneecap, so that it will not further aggravate the cartilage. Your physical therapist will also manually stretch and massage tight muscles and other structures around the kneecap to increase the mobility of the patellofemoral and knee joint.  As you progress in therapy, your top physical therapist will use his sports medicine knowledge to apply rigidly (McConnell) or kinesiotaping techniques  that may help correct kneecap alignment during more rigorous exercises. With good compliance to an All Sports Physical Therapy program over the course of a few months, you should be able to return to sports and running pain-free.

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