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Ligaments are a crucial part of our musculoskeletal system. Ligaments connect bones, holding them in place and keeping the joint stable so it can move fluidly, which lets us move our bodies without pain or damage. Ligament tears occur when the joint is constantly used and stretched beyond the limits of its range of motion. Overextended and overused ligaments over time will lead to tiny tears that can cause a gradual onset of pain. Constant micro tears or sudden trauma can also cause larger, severe tears. This is why it is important to seek proper care from the experts at All Sports Physical Therapy for your ligament tears when they first occur, rather than working through the pain or simply waiting for pain to temporarily subside. While small ligament tears can be treated conservatively with physical therapy, large tears may progress to a full rupture and would have to be surgically reconstructed.


  • Pain in the area
  • Swelling
  • Inability to fully move joint


Ligaments are easily damaged, especially by those who play sports. Falls or other traumatic events that forcefully stretch a ligament beyond its natural range of motion will result in a ligament tear. This can also happen as an overuse injury over a long period of time.


 The top rated physical therapists at All Sports Physical Therapy can treat any type of ligament tear with the most advanced sports medicine and rehabilitation techniques in NYC. You will receive the top physical therapy care in an upbeat and professional environment at either our Upper East Side, Midtown-Grand Central or Midtown-West NYC locations. You can enjoy your physical therapy appointments knowing that our helpful staff will take care of all insurance processes, remind you of your appointments, and be available for any concern you may have.

Your All Sports Physical Therapist can immediately treat inflammation from ligament tears with modalities such as ice and ultrasound. Once inflammation subsides, a steady physical therapy routine will help restore range of motion at the joint. Stretching and strengthening the muscles gradually will ensure joint flexibility and dynamic stability. Gradually strengthening muscles surrounding the ligament tear under the guidance of your expert physical therapist will allow you to better withstand strenuous activity without further injury.

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