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Articular cartilage is a type of cartilage that is found in the joints in the body, lining the ends of the bones where they connect, or articulate. They provide a slippery surface so that the bones may glide against each other smoothly. Articular cartilage damage, either from trauma or repetitive stress, refers to spots in the lining that are thinning or completely worn away. This will eventually begin to wear at the bones and irritate surrounding tissues and nerves. Weight bearing joints, like the knee joint, are a common place for articular cartilage damage to occur.  It will lead to severe pain, swelling, and progressive loss of motion in the joint. Severe articular damage occurs when the cartilage is completely torn from the bone and becomes loose in the joint, causing further problems.


  • Pain and swelling of the knee
  • Catching of the joint
  • Weakness in the knee


  • Sports injury
  • Fall
  • Progressive wear


All Sports Physical Therapy offers the best comprehensive physical therapy treatment in NYC. Our physical therapy experts have a strong background in sports medicine and rehabilitation and are also experts in post-operative rehabilitation. Whether you are recovering from surgery or treating your articular cartilage damage conservatively, All Sports Physical Therapy will provide you the best physical therapy care in NYC and the tri-state area. You’ll find it easy and enjoyable to keep your regular rehabilitation appointments at any of our Upper East Side, Midtown-Grand Central, or Midtown-West NYC locations. Our caring staff will handle all your insurance needs and schedule your routine visits at your convenience. Keeping up with your physical therapy is important, so we strive to provide the most upbeat and professional environment to provide you the best healing experience.

After resting and icing your knee for several weeks, gentle exercises will help rehabilitate your knee. Your All Sports Physical therapist will help return your knee muscles to their former strength to decrease pressure on the knee joint. For articular cartilage damage that is not severe enough for surgery, your physical therapist will use manual techniques, such as massage and joint mobilization, to decrease swelling and increase range of motion in your knee. You will also be instructed in exercises that target hip and abdominal muscles to improve proper body alignment and joint stability. Your physical therapist will target weak areas that are needed to support your joint and avoid pain from articular cartilage damage.

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