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In your lower back (lumbar region), there are five vertebrae in the spine that are separated by cushioning discs. A disc contains a soft jelly-like substance in the center that is surrounded by tough outer ring fibers. Trauma or prolonged, repetitive loading on the spine can lead to tears in the outer ring of a disc or rupture (herniation). With a disc herniation, the jelly substance leaks into the area where your spinal nerves exit the spinal cord, leading to inflammation and compression of the nerves. You may experience lower back pain and/ or numbness/ tingling sensation in your buttocks, legs, or feet.


  • Lower back pain
  • Numbness/Weakness in legs and feet
  • Pain shooting/ radiating into buttocks and legs


  • Improper or strenuous lifting
  • Prolonged sitting, especially in the car
  • Direct blow or trauma to the back
  • Sudden twisting, and bending forward
  • Degeneration (wear and tear) of a disc
  • Prolonged coughing and sneezing


All Sports Physical Therapy takes your back pain very seriously. Almost everyone will experience low back pain at some point, very often caused by a herniated disc, but few people actually seek the treatment they need. Our top physical therapists guide you through a routine to relieve pain from herniated discs and prevent future injury to your lower back, helping you avoid persistent pain and get back to your life in comfort. We strive to make your routine visits to our advanced rehab centers as pleasant as possible by providing a friendly and professional environment, handling all of you insurance processes, and helping you schedule your treatments at your convenience. You can visit us at whatever location is best for you, including our Upper East Side, Midtown-Grand Central or Midtown-West NYC locations. All of our All Sports Physical Therapists are specially trained in treating back pain, so you can be sure you will be treated by an experienced expert.

At the start of your All Sports physical therapy session, modalities like ultrasound or electric stimulation can be used to alleviate muscle spasms and pain in your lower back. Your physical therapist will then use massage and gentle mobilization/ traction techniques to take pressure off the herniated disc.

Your All Sports physical therapist will also introduce you to the McKenzie protocol.  This is a series of specific exercises that will eventually reduce the disc herniation and relieve compression on the spinal nerves. Good compliance with this method in the clinic and at home is crucial to treating your symptoms. You may experience decreased intensity or frequency of your symptoms even after your first therapy session.

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