Quick Tips For Proper Lifting Mechanics

We are constantly running around the house performing chores, such as cleaning, moving clutter and boxes, picking things off the floor, and doing laundry. We do these things on a regular basis without even thinking about how our movement patterns affect our bodies, both in the short and long term. These repetitive movements can have negative effects on us if we are not mindful of how we are doing them.  Improper lifting technique can cause joint, disc, and muscle injuries. How will you know if you are lifting objects correctly? Here are some quick tips for proper lifting:

Things you should not do:

Things you should do:

For lighter objects, you can use the golfer’s lifting technique. For this method, you want to first face the object. Brace one hand on your knee or on a work surface to help stabilize your body and distribute the load. Bend from your hips and not from your back. Keep your core tight and lift the opposite leg up behind you in order to maintain a flat back or neutral spine.  You can use this technique when doing things like picking up trash or a pen from the floor.

Your body is important so take care of it! Follow these guidelines for safe lifting mechanics and reduce the risk of injuring yourself. It only takes a second to make the correct changes.

-Melissa Wong, DPT

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