Posture: Do You Really Need To Sit Up Straight?

Posture: Do you really need to sit up straight?

We have always been told ever since we were young to “Sit up straight”, “Don’t slouch.” Most of our lives we are sitting – whether we are in a car driving, sitting at our computer, sitting at the movies, etc. Our shoulders are slumped forward and we have a curve in our neck. Now with smartphones and technology advancements, we are constantly looking down. Not only does poor posture make us look bad, it impacts us in ways we don’t even realize.


  1. Circulation decreases
  1. Muscle Soreness
  1. Digestive Difficulties
  1. Decreased lung ability

                          How to Fix It

  1. Get up out of your seat every 30-40 minutes and walk around. Let your legs extend and get your muscles pumping, feeding oxygen to your body.
  2. Perform gentle exercises:


– JoAnn Nunez, DPT

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