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Paul Mostoff, DPT, Chief of Physical Therapy at All Sports, spoke with about workout-related wrist pain, and how to prevent and treat it. Here is an excerpt, and you can read the full article, “Why Planks and Push-Ups Are Killing Your Wrists (and What to Do About It)” on

Have you ever had to come out of a high plank not because your core was on fire—but because your wrists were? Certain strength moves put a lot of pressure on your forearms. There’s good news for the sore-wristed though: Simple adjustments and smarter stretching can help you avoid that annoying ache.

“Wrist pain and discomfort during [a workout] is likely due to improper wrist positioning, overloading weak structures, or overuse,” explains Paul Mostoff, the chief of physical therapy at All Sports Physical Therapy in New York City. “The tendons of the wrist can become hot, painful, inflamed, swollen, and degenerated over time—and trying to work out through the pain can turn a simple acute condition, like tendonitis, into something more serious and chronic.”

Take a basic exercise like a push-up: “It keeps the wrist in an extended position while loading your bodyweight through that structure, which will increase the pressure through the carpal tunnel and the wrist joint,” Mostoff says. “Do this for several sets, several times per week, and you open yourself up for some wrist discomfort and irritation, especially if your wrists aren’t accustomed to that type of exercise.”

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Paul Mostoff, DPT and the the physical therapy team at All Sports Physical Therapy are experts in hand and wrist rehabilitation, as well as prevention and treatment of overuse injuries of the elbow, wrist and hand.

Our physical therapists treat all orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, including injuries of the shoulder, knee, back and neck, hip, pelvic, the hand and wrist, and foot and ankle. In addition to physical therapy, we also have a Medical Massage Therapist and Acupuncturist to further assist in the recovery process.

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