Paul Mostoff, DPT Interviewed In Paste Magazine

In an interview with Paste Magazine, Paul Mostoff, DPT, Chief of Physical Therapy at All Sports, answers some of the most common questions that runners have about a range of running-related injuries.

From the interview in Paste Magazine:

Dr. Paul Mostoff: Running is a sport that uses a great majority of muscles in the human body. But the list of injuries that runners typically suffer from is actually fairly short…and repetitive. Repetitive is the key word, because most running injuries are the result of repetitive movement, constantly working the same muscles.

The most common injuries of course involve the lower extremities. Probably the most common one we see in clinic is Patellofemoral pain syndrome, sometimes referred to as runner’s knee. Essentially, this condition involves pain just under or around the knee cap, often caused by excessive mileage combined with muscle imbalances through the lower extremities.

Other common running injuries we see involve a variety of tendonitis- achilles tendonitis, patellar tendonitis, quadricep tendonitis. We also see IT Band syndrome, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and stress fractures in the lower leg.

To read the whole interview on Paste magazine, follow this link:

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