Off To The Greens – Stretches For Golfer’s Elbow

Now that the weather is warming up and golf courses are opening their gates, we see a rise in complaints of elbow pain. Many golfers may experience pain in the inner part of the elbow once they’ve picked up their clubs to play another season. A common injury we see is golfer’s elbow, or medial epicondylitis.

This typically is experienced as tenderness and pain to the inside of the elbow that is made worse with any resisted motions of the wrist that occur as the palm moves downward (pronation). Muscles that bend the wrist become inflamed, usually where they originate; which is the medial epicondyle or inside of the elbow. Swinging a golf club for 9-18 holes can increase the risk for developing this condition.

Physical therapy consists of: pain management, stretching, ultrasound to decrease the inflammation, ice to reduce any tissue swelling, and increased strength to muscles that are affected.

Always remember to start slow and make sure you listen to your body. Here are some great stretches to warm you up before heading out to play:

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